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The k-enstack is a compressor designed specifically for compressing H2 gaseous.

The incoming gas is compressed by hydraulic cylinders up to the desired pressure.

The incoming gas pressure is from 15 to 30 bar and the outlet pressure is adjustable up to 300 bar.

The system consists of:

  • Compression cylinders
  • Compression liquid tank
  • DC motor-pump for the compression fluid
  • Hydraulic line in AISI 316
  • PLC with 4.3″ touch-screen for process management
  • Input and output connector in inches or millimeters
  • MODBUS serial communication system
  • Remote Control (Optional)
  • Connectable directly to renewable plant (Optional)

The k-enstack can be integrated with a g-enstack series hydrogen generator or can be supplied separately.

The compression capacity of the k-enstack is between 0.3 Nm3 / h at 5 Nm3 / h in a single unit.

Flow rates can be realized on specific customer specifications or connect more units to have more compression capacity.